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Do you need help with a gynaecological problem?

What we can do for you


As gynecologists, we want to provide you with good and free information that you can use to improve your own health

You are dreading the gynecological examination

You want to prepare for the gynecological exam to get the best possible help

You have to wait a long time for your  appointment, and need advice on what you can do to treat your issues on your own

You need more information about a condition after the doctor's appointment

If you are prepared before seeing your doctor, you will get more out of the appointment

I want to prepare for a gynaecological examination

Here you will find good advice before your gynaecological examination

I need advice concerning treatment

Here you will find advice on treatment that you can do yourself. You will also find information about what you can expect from your doctor

I want to know more about gynaecological conditions

Here you will find short and simple information about several gynaecological conditions.

Many women have unnecessary issues with abdominal discomfort, urine leakage, prolapse, painful and heavy bleeding and hormonal disorders.

Sometimes you may need advice on menopause, getting pregnant or help to find the right contraception for you.

We advise you to prepare for your appointment. Please look up your condition and the treatment you can expect.

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