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Do you need more information about gyneacological conditions?

Here you will find short and simple information

about common gynecological conditions.

Information is consecutively posted, stay tuned!

After insertion of IUD

Useful information for you who have recently had an IUD inserted.


Lichen sclerosus et atrophicus is a relatively common skin disease that usually affects the vulvovaginal area


Non-cancerous tumors that develop in or around the uterus is a condition that affects many women.


Here you will find short and concise information about menopause.

Irregular or long periods

What you should know about irregular periods.

Heavy menstrual bleeding

Some bleed a lot, but this is not necessarily fine

Read here what you should know about this.


PCOS is a common hormone disorder and can be the cause of irregular periods.

Vaginal prolapse

Prolapse is a common condition and the most common reason for feeling "a lump in the vagina".

Learn more about infertility here.

Urinary incontinence

This is very common, but can often be hard to talk to someone about

Menstrual pain

Many wonder if they have endometriosis, but pain during menstruation can be just as strong without having endometriosis.


Premenstrual tension syndrome is common yet obstructing for many women. Learn more about it here.

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