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Lower abdomen issues

Good advice regardless of the condition:

Use almond oil or another perfume-free care product after every wash/shower. Avoid all use of soap (including intimate soap)

Avoid using panty liners if not necessary. Consider whether you can react to detergent and possibly fabric softener.

Avoid using perfumed creams, pads, tampons or spermicides. Use toilet paper that is soft and unscented. Use 100% cotton or silk underwear

Wear loose pants and skirts. Avoid walking for too long in tight swimwear or thights

Advice on treatment depending on what the main complaint is:

In case of itching

If you have itching, the most common cause is fungus (if you have not passed the menopause). Feel free to first try medicines for this that you can buy without a prescription at the pharmacy.

If the itching is mainly on the outside and the skin is affected, it is often eczema. Then you can try hydrocortisone, which you can buy without a prescription at the pharmacy. If you suffer from eczema, you should use a preventive intimate care cream, e.g. "Dr. warming critical care".

If you have passed the menopause, you should see a doctor.


In case of increased discharge and changed smell

Increased or changed discharge and smell can often be signs of bacterial vaginosis and there are over-the-counter remedies such as "multigyn actigel" which can have a good effect.

If you have a wound that will not heal, it should always be assessed by a doctor.

What treatment can I expect from the doctor:

If you have a chronic fungal infection, you can get medication on prescription. It is the same medicine that you can buy yourself, but it will be less expensive. If you itch and fungal treatment does not work, the most common causes are eczema or a skin disease called lichen. You will be given eczema creams (often steroids) by your doctor to treat this.

If your main complaint is a lot of discharge and an unpleasant smell, you will be able to get antibiotics from the doctor to treat this.

If you have other diagnoses, the treatment will depend on what it is.

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