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Treatment of prolapse

What can you do yourself?

  • If you are overweight, losing weight can help.

  • Avoid constipation and chronic cough.

  • Do pelvic floor exercises and try to squeeze the pelvic floor in conjunction with heavy lifting

  • If you have passed the menopause, it is recommended to use estrogen treatment locally in the vagina. Ask for this at the pharmacy. You can try this without a prescription, but if you use it regularly it will be cheaper if you get a prescription from your doctor.

Important: Prolapse is very common, some have no symptoms or problems, others have a lot. Prolapse is not dangerous in itself, and should therefore only be treated in the case of having issues



What help can you expect from your doctor?

At the gynaecologist, you can have a pessar fitted that is inserted into the vagina. It will regularly be checked on by your GP or gynaecologist, and you will usually not take it out yourself.


Surgery is the most effective treatment. After the surgery, you are usually on sick leave for 4-6 weeks.

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