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What can I do myself?

The main treatment for PCOS is lifestyle measures.


Weight: Many people with PCOS find that they gain weight more easily than others. If you are overweight, the most important measure is weight loss.

Diet:  Avoid sugar and fast carbohydrates. Replace this with vegetables and healthy fats (olive oil, nuts).

Exercise: Find an exercise that you enjoy and can do often or daily.

Laser treatment is effective against unwanted hair growth.


What can I expect from the doctor:

Of medication, these are sometimes used:

1) Birth control pills

2) Hormonal IUD

3) Metformin

4) Progesterone-like hormones

5) Antiandrogenic medications

6) The doctor can refer for laser treatment of facial hair


Watch out:

- If you do not use hormonal contraception, you should have at least 3 periods per year.

- Make sure you have enough vitamin D

- With obesity and increasing age, the risk of diabetes 2 and high blood pressure increases. Check this in consultation with your own doctor.

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