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Treatment of Lichen sclerosus

This is a condition that you should regularly check with a doctor. The doctor will ensure that you receive a treatment that is suitable for you. Here is some general advice:

Important advice:

1.      Use a mirror to monitor the condition. If the skin is whitish, it is usually undertreated and you need more treatment

2.      Use an oil every day (preferably almond oil) after washing/showering or in the evening.

3.      Avoid using panty liners if possible.

4.      For activities that cause "rubbing" against the abdomen (cycling for example), you can use barrier cream.

5.      Wear 100% cotton or silk underwear

6.      Wear loose pants and skirts. Avoid walking for too long in tight swimwear or "thighs"

7.      Use toilet paper that is soft and unscented

8.      Do not use soap in the abdomen

9.      Many people experience worsening of lichen due to stress


Steroid treatment

The cornerstone in the treatment of lichen is steroid ointments.

- In case of severe symptoms or when treatment has started, a course of treatment is given over several weeks, for example as follows: apply for 3 weeks in the morning and evening, then only in the evening for 3 weeks.

- For mild issues, steroid ointments can only be used if necessary

- Most people use maintenance treatment with fixed lubrication days every week

- In the event of an "outbreak", you often apply morning and evening until the outbreak is over.

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