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Recipe for ovulation stimulation with letrozole (Femar)

If you do not have regular periods, start with the "Provera course": Take 1 tablet every day for 12 days, then menstruation will be expected


Day 1 = First day of your period

Day 2

Day 3: Take Femar

Day 4: Take Femar

Day 5: Take Femar

Day 6: Take Femar

Day 7: Take Femar

Day 8

Day 9

Day 10: Intercourse

Day 11

Day 12: Intercourse

Day 13

Day 14; Intercourse

Day 15

Day 22 : Possible blood test to check whether ovulation has happened (progesterone)

Day 30: Menstruation? Pregnant?

The treatment can be repeated the next cycle. If you are not pregnant and do not get your period, start with a provera cure (as described above)

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