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Urine leakage

What is urine leakage?

Urine leakage is the involuntary leakage of urine, in the technical language called urinary incontinence. It is very common, between 5%-69% of all women experience this. The 3 most common forms of urine leakage are:

Stress incontinence: You typically leak during physical activity, exercise and coughing

Urge incontinence: You typically leak when you have an urge and if you don't reach the toilet in time.

Overactive bladder: You have a strong urge to urinate and have more frequent toilet visits than normal, often also at night.

Often you can have a combination of these.

What could be the cause?

Age, pregnancy and childbirth, obesity and heredity are the most typical causes of urine leakage.​

What should I watch out for?

Many women avoid raising the problem with their doctor due to feelings of shame. Don't be one of them! Seek help if incontinence affects your quality of life.

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