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Information about Lichen sclerosus

Lichen sclerosus is a skin disease that is most often found in the lower abdomen, but can also occur in and around the mouth or elsewhere. It is typical for lichen that the skin in the affected areas takes on a whitish appearance.



The cause of the disease is unknown, but it is believed to be a so-called "autoimmune" disease, similar to psoriasis and metabolic disease.


Who is affected?

The disease is more common for women than men, and is more common with increasing age, but children can also get it. It is uncertain whether it is hereditary.


What issues are common?

The most common complaint is itching and burning. Pain during intercourse is also common.


Is it contagious?

No, it is not contagious.

Is lichen sclerosus dangerous?

Those who have lichen have a slightly increased risk of cell changes and cancer in the area with lichen, especially if you do not get treatment.

If the condition is not treated, the risk that the skin with the lichen can grow together increases, so that the vaginal entrance becomes narrow, for example.


Because of this, it is recommended that those with lichen go for a check-up once a year, and get in touch if a wound occurs in the area with lichen that will not heal.

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