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Treatment of urine leakage

  • Lose weight if you are overweight. Being overweight increases the risk of urinary leakage. Smoking also increases the risk of urinary leakage.

  • Be on the necessary fluid intake. If you have nocturnal visits to the toilet, you should reduce your liquid intake after dinner as much as possible

  • Constipation can worsen the leakage.

  • Pelvic floor excersices. In case of leakage of urine from coughing, sneezing, recent and other physical activity, pelvic floor excersices is very effective - read more about it here. Bladder exercises work against an overactive bladder, where you typically go to the toilet often and are unable to hold your urine when you have to. Read more about it here. Alcohol and coffee can worsen the symptoms. Some medications worsen urine leakage as well.

What treatment can you expect from your doctor?

The treatment will depend on the type of leakage you have. Read more about it here. In any case, you can get pads and other equipment on a blue prescription from your doctor, if you use more than small pads.


Stress incontinence

Pelvic floor excersice is an effective treatment for mild to moderate stress leakage. There are also different vaginal inserts that can be useful for excersice. If you are not saitisfied with this, surgery is an effective treatment.


Overactive bladder/urge incontinence

Bladder excersice is treatment for an overactive bladder. If you are not saitisfied with this, there are effective medications. In severe cases, Botox injections into the bladder may be considered.

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